Fife Beekeepers Teaching Apiary

In 2024 Fife Beekeepers Association are hoping to set up a new teaching apiary on the Balcaskie Estate in east Fife. We plan to document our journey here on the website.

We had our first site visit on 14th January and began to plan the work we would need to do to develop this open field, with young trees, into a site that could accommodate hives and bees and beekeepers.

We plan to remove the existing trees and replant these around the perimeter of the site, together with mixed hedging….this will provide a wind break and enclose the apiary.

We need to do lots of groundwork to the site to make it into a usable place for an apiary. This will involve creating an entrance, leveling the ground, putting in some drainage and laying down hardcore…..lots of work!

As we are very excited to undertake this work we thought we would share our journey with you all, so please do keep checking back to see how the apiary develops over the coming months.

Andy Rivers (Vice Chair FBA) welcomes you to our new apiary site
FBA (and DWFBA) members on why they love being a beekeeper
Inspecting the site and deciding just what needs to be done
Lots of trees to remove and replant around the edge of the site