Fife Beekeepers’ Association

‘The Fifeshire Beekeepers’ Association’ was founded on 22 July 1916, its President an aptly named William Honeyman Esq. J.P. of Craigmore, Cupar. Now usually known as ‘Fife Beekeepers’ Association’ it has worked for over ninety years to support beekeepers and promote apiculture. It celebrated its ninetieth anniversary by raising enough money to provide ninety-seven hives in Africa, the generosity of members and the public enabling the target of ninety to be not only met but exceeded.

Members meet once a month from October to April inclusive, in St Davids Centre, St Andrews, and at various members’ apiaries throughout the summer.

For the last few years, together with Dunfermline Association it has run classes for complete beginners to beekeeping, and these have led to a steady increase in the membership numbers: in 2007 there were 78 members in all, this making it one of Scotland’s larger beekeeping associations.

Dunfermline & West Fife Beekeepers’ Association

In the winter of 1927-28 a group of beekeeping enthusiasts met to discuss the formation of an association. This early meeting was to bear fruit and the Dunfermline Beekeepers Association was born as yet another branch of the larger Fifeshire Beekeepers Association.  In 1938 a decision was finally made to leave the Fifeshire Beekeepers Association and to become directly affiliated to the Scottish Beekeepers Association as the Dunfermline & West Fife Beekeepers’ Association.

In 1988 on the occasion of their 50th Anniversary as a separate entity, the association published a small booklet a copy of which can be seen here. Note This is a LARGE file to download!

An inspiring force and pioneer President was Mr William Hutton, who laid the groundwork on which the association was to develop in succeeding years. The avowed aim was to offer mutual assistance and the loan of equipment to beekeepers and to further knowledge in beekeeping by a series of lectures and meetings. This has been faithfully followed to the present day and looks set to continue for many years.

Members meet once a month from October to April inclusive, in Portmoak Hall, Scotlandwell, and at various members’ apiaries throughout the summer.