Scottish Beekeepers’ Association    The National Association for beekeepers in Scotland.


Local Beekeeping Associations in Scotland:

Aberdeen Beekeepers’ Association

Ayr Beekeepers’ Association

Border Beekeepers’ Association

Dingwall Beekeeping Association

Dunblane & Stirling Beekeeping Association

East Lothian Beekeeping Association

East of Scotland Beekeeping Association

Easter Ross Beekeeping Association

Edinburgh & Midlothian Beekeeping Association


Kelvin Valley

Moray Beekeeping Association

Peebles-shire Beekeeping Association


Other ‘Bee’ related sites

British Beekeepers’ Association    The National Association for beekeepers in England and Wales.

The Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Associations

The Ulster Beekeepers’ Association

The Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers
The Welsh Beekeepers’ Association

The Bee Improvement & Bee Breeders’ Association For those interested in the native ‘black’  bee.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Beekeepers’ Homepages Internet Resources A miscellany of links

BeeBase Beekeeping information resource for Beekeepers

Dave Cushman’s Web Site Several thousand pages of beekeeping information.

Moray Bee Dinosaurs A loose collection of interesting beekeeping miscellany.


Suppliers of Beekeeping Equipment

E H Thorne.  

National Bee Supplies

Stamfordham Ltd.

Solway Bee Supplies

Mann Lake UK


Other Sites

Central Scotland Smallholders’ Association Local members may be prepared to ‘host’ an apiary.