One of the best ways to find out more about beekeeping is to join your local Beekeepers’ Association.  You’ll find people who are keen to help you get started.

At first, it’s best to come along to our talks and demonstrations, to meet both other beginners and more experienced Beekeepers and to learn about bees and the equipment required.

Membership of the association(s) will entitle you to the following benefits:

Beginners’ Tuition

Relaxed and friendly beekeeping tuition over the winter months followed by practical hands-on experience.  

Mentoring System

Where possible beginners are given an experienced mentor to help them through the early stages of their beekeeping.

Invitations to beekeeping demonstrations and events

Opportunity to view different members working with their bees and also winter beekeeping talks from various speakers plus access to a range of beekeeping associated shows and events.

Beekeeping Equipment

Various items of beekeeping equipment are available on loan.

Expert Advice

Access to a wealth of knowledge from experienced beekeepers, available to answer beekeeping questions and offer solutions where appropriate.

Beekeeping Resource Library

Access to hundreds of beekeeping books and resources contained within the Moir Library and the association libraries.

Socialise with other beekeepers

Opportunities to meet other like-minded beekeepers.

Periodical Newsletters. At least four times a year, often more, you will receive a newsletter keeping you abreast of events and ideas.

Membership Forms

Membership application form – Dunfermline & West Fife Beekeepers Association membership application form

Membership application form – Fife-Beekeepers Association (Covering the East of Fife).

Membership application form – Scottish Beekeepers’ Association

Recurring Annual Membership – Standing order