Fife Honey Show 2021

The Fife Honey Show (which is part of the Fife Flower Show) took place this year, at Leven Parish Church Hall, Durie St, Leven, KY8 4HA, on Saturday 18th September and Sunday 19th September.

The aim of the Fife Flower Show is to encourage gardeners in and around Fife and beyond, to exhibit their plants, flowers, vegetables, wine, floral art, honey and more. It’s a small show and needs support to keep it going.

Entering the Honey Show is the best way to learn and an excellent opportunity to exhibit your honey and honey products and to have them judged by a renowned honey judge (our very own Enid Brown).

This year saw entries in several of the classes, with the results given below. It’s amazing to see all the honey lined up in rows, so much variety in colour and consistency.

Thank you to all those who entered their honey and hive products and congratulations on your success!


Class 251 Novice two jars of liquid honey

1st place Alistair Black

2nd place Ruth Harrison

3rd place Elizabeth Hutchings

Class 252 Novice two jars of granulated honey

1st place Ruth Harrison

2nd place Alistair Black

3rd place Elizabeth Hutchings

Class 254 Two jars of liquid honey-light

1st place Janice Furness

Class 255 Two jars of liquid honey-medium

1st place Elizabeth Hutchings

2nd place Kay Gordon

3rd place Liz Wyatt

Class 261 One frame of any honey (except Ling Heather)

1st place Joan Sneddon

Class 263 Two Containers of Cut Comb (not less than 227g each)

1st place Janice Furness

Class 265 Display of honey and hive products prepared for retail sale

1st place Janice Furness

Class 266 Six jars of honey prepared for retail sale

1st place Liz Wyatt

2nd place Jan Dixon

3rd place Janice Furness

Class 268 One block of beeswax between 227 and 454g

1st place Sheila Woodward

Class 270 Three identical candles made by any method (Judge may light one)

1st place Janice Furness