Looking Inside a Hive

The continuing Covid 19 restrictions are making it very difficult for us all to meet at a local apiary to get some hands on experience of beekeeping. With this in mind we thought you would enjoy a little beekeeping quiz to see if you can identify some features of a hive. The photographs and quiz where made for the children at St Leonard’s School apiary by an FBA member, Jo Goodburn

Which part of the hive can you see here?

How many frames do you think the bees are living on based on this photograph?

What can you tell about the outside frames?

How many varroa can you see?

What else can you spot?

Which part of the hive are these bees on?

What would you be able to tell about this hive if you opened it and saw this?

What might you be thinking about as options to do for the following weeks?

This photograph is from the same hive, which part of the hive are we looking at?

Seeing this photograph, how would you change your answer to the third part of the photograph 2 question?

What are these bees doing, what type of comb have they made?

There were a large number of varroa present in the hive in the autumn, which we treated. Looking at this photograph would you say the bees were healthy?