New Dunfermline Museum developments

Items for Dunfermline museums display - only the old smoker was chosen (1)

Dunfermline Library has been closed for sometime as a major project is underway to redevelop the site and create a new museum as well. Dunfermline and West Fife Beekeepers’ Association were approached to arrange for exhibits. It turns out that the future displays will be a mainly on-line resource and the actual exhibits in traditional museum cases were to be very restricted. An old extractor was simply too large but the museum staff were most interested in an old smoker which was tiny when compared with what we use nowadays.

The smoker was a type in common use before the last war. The parts were carefully cleaned and treated with a metal lacquer. The skep (in the photo) was destined to be used at the local association apiary and was made specially for us following a design for the old Scottish Pettigrew skep. The model hive was made by Ian Lindsay an association member and master woodworker.

We look forward to the opening of the new museum but judging by the building work this looks a long way off.

John Durkacz